Saturday, May 5, 2012

Havin' Some Fun

      So graduation is closely approaching and the fact that I only have two more quarters is more than a little nerve wrecking, however things are going pretty wonderfully for once. Halfway through the quarter & Production Team but happy with the pace and the productivity. Yesterday was however the first time in a long looooooooooooong time I've been able to pop into Photoshop and just paint. Starting with backgrounds that I should've continued doing and progressing to some fun.

 Just a quick Panther/Jaguar for fun :)

To backgrounds I go! HUZZAH!

Rush, Rush, Rush!

Throughout HS I had been labeled an illustrator when I had no real artistic destination in mind. My college hunt took me to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and my childhood love and adoration for Animation took hold (of course it helped that they had no straight illustration program) until I was crossing the T's and dotting the I's for the Fall quarter start back in 2009.

Prior to starting I stumbled upon a concept artist named Mike Henry who completely changed the way I look at and do Paintings. His live streams have been an invaluable resource and has made digital painting so much more fun!
Art by Mike Henry - Zatransis on DA Check out his work you will not be disappointed!

A year down the line after having seen the most improvement with my art through Mike Henry's freeing and fun techniques I came across Massive Black's website which was advertising tutorial videos for sale. I purchased Jason Chan's Character Design for the Hero & Villain:


And decided to play with the style of concept painting involving just grey scale buildup to get the shape defined.

This is what I came up with:

I found that overall I enjoy Mike Henry's approach more for the fun of it but the appeal of this simple concept painting for silhouette and design is incredibly useful as well. A blend of both promises for some really magical pieces.

Until next time!  I'm off to look at this gold mine of the greatest blog ever!