Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Baconators Present: Concept work!

Between here and Twitter I've stated a few times that I had backgrounds a-callin' my name! So I figured I'd share some of  what we've got going so far for The Baconator's production, "Standing Room Only," an adaptation of the three little pigs.



Also a few of the boards I worked on during SRO's pre-production stage.


 I will be posting more, such as pencil tests, character pre-vis by my wonderful group mates, photos of our shenanigans, and some painted flash animations,  as we near completion.

Zoo Trip & Sketches!

Some friends and I took a zoo trip last week so I thought I'd post some stuff to get this rolling a bit more. I also included some sketches from the online figure drawing resource that I did during some down time in class this past Tuesday. I have more stuff to post but it probably wont be in this sketch dump-esque format.

Anyway I was a little bummed I didn't get to sit in front of the lions & tigers all day. It was so hot, they were just not having anything that day but on an awesome note the Painted Dogs were FINALLY out and in complete view! They were cuddled up in a big group against the glass. Very very exciting even though they were passed out :D  

Some animals make it hard to draw them on purpose, but not this one badass kangaroo who came over and lounged right in front of us for a good 10 minutes. Hat's off to you, sir Roo.

"I'm waiting for my close-up Art Students!"