Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday Sketchbombing!

Hello any and all who are interested!


Throughout my my 3+ years at the Art Institute, as well as the past few months of nearly non-stop sketching, I've accumulated almost 9 sketchbooks of varying sizes filled with drawings I'm still very much attached too. With delusional hopes of possibly painting them someday, I've been struggling to find a way to upload them due to the sheer abundance..... well I have finally found a way!

Welcome - Throwback Thursday Sketchbombs! From this week on I will be uploading a post of unknown size focusing on sketches! Time permitting I would like to include a painted version of one or more of the sketches in the bomb but at the very least my goal is for them to see the light of day.... errrr the light of the interwebs anyway.


I have such an undeniably strong love for the process, for the roughs, for the loose action of sketches and especially pencil tests! I think if anything they deserve more or equal attention that the final product receives. So here is to my love of sketch and how much one can realize they are learning by sticking with them everyday. Here's to the characters that otherwise would never leave the graphite covered pages. Hopefully if anyone see's this post it can spark some inspiration toward their own Throwback Thursdays or variations of them so that their sketches can live as well :)