Saturday, February 22, 2014

Caricatures, Caricatures, Oh My!

These past holidays I have finally been able to try my hand at doing digital caricatures! While they were great fun and you cannot beat the time you get I think I still prefer traditional applications for doing caricature better. 

But hey, get a caricature today! Email for more information.

Drawing Pennies!

I also got the unique opportunity to do two 16 by 20 caricature illustrations recently on the topic of one of my favorite things, hockey! The Sidney Crosby caricature pictured below was created as a secret Santa gift for a co-worker.

The cat is still convinced he created it.
  The second image was one created as a gift for Pittsburgh Penguins' Evgeni Malkin which I had the opportunity to present to him during a signing at the Robinson Mall! I'm not too sure he has ever seen a caricature before but I will also be giddy about his heavily accented comment of "Wow, big lips!" It was perfect haha.

Complete with blurry picture of him holding it! Twas a frenzied moment indeed.
The man had over 200 people in line to get through in an hour 1/2 still.

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